Submitting requests of purchase via the present website and/or in any other means made available, declares your implicit acceptance and compliance of and with these terms and conditions on your behalf. Those terms will govern each and every of our transactions.

For each and every transaction made by the two parties the provisions of Law of electronic commerce, of consumer law, information privacy law, data protection law and taxation provisions shall apply as in force


During your registration, you are required to register in the electronic form provided your personal information. The information provided in the form, is under responsibility of the applicant to be precise, and will be used for the implementation of the transactions, as required.

Personal information and passwords used are bound to you as a customer and user, and it is under the customer’s responsibility to protect their personal data from anauthorized third party use. Orders submitted through the website using personal information(username, address etc) and passwords are bound to the registered user.


Orders submitted will only apply as valid after the receival of a confirmation e-mail. Terms of delivery(location, date) will be provided within the forementioned e-mail.

Prior to submitting an order, it is the customer’s obligation to be aware of the details of each product, as they are presented on the website.


Products purchased shall be delivered at the designated by the customer location and in the estimated time as described in the confirmation e-mail accompanying each order. Under unforseen circumstances, the company will not be held accountale for failure of delivery of products in the mentioned timeline, should they occur.

Requests to resend our products under instances where the customer was unavailable to receive them in and on time at the designated location, will imply delivery costs to be paid by the customer, the value of which is ___,00.


Payment via either credit card or on delivery must be assigned during the time the order is placed.


Products received will have been checked for their quality and will comply with their description on the website.

The company is liable for its products as applicable by Consumer Law.

The company will not be held liable for instances where issues might arise (irritations, allergic reactions etc) because of the specialty and peculiarity of your baby’s skin. Should such incidents occur, we urge you to immediately contact us but also stop use of the products, and only resume in consultation with your doctor.


The company will take into consideration each and every complaint you might have and all suggestions for improvement.

Returns of AGNOTIS producs of your behalf, will only be accepted in cases where products are damaged or do not match and live up to their website description or do not correspond with your order.

Under all circumstances, returns of merchandise will be carried through after communication with us and the products must be in the same condition in which you received them.


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