Doing always our best depicts the way we work and the philosophy we live by.

Having gained the trust of thousands of families, we want to spread goodness to as many people as we can. Providing comfort and quality to more babies will make the daily routine of many parents better.

For this exact reason, Agnotis for Each Other was born!
It is a series of constant charitable activities, which are active all year round and support families who need help. It is the practical and living proof that the best is for everyone and we are the first to support it.


We help, always with your help, the valuable work of "The Smile of the Child" providing them with baby diapers all year round.

We provide support for thousands babies from Syrian refugees in Hot Spots all over Greece. Let’s help those babies have a bright future in their life!

Theophilos, 8 years old... "I wish I was a Dinosaur!"

We are so happy that, in collaboration with “Make A Wish”, we made little Theophilos’ dream come true! We hope that this beautiful experience will stay forever in his memory!