Last update: August 01 2019

CARASASO SA has been fully aligned with the new Regulation for the protection of personal data and has cultivated corporate culture in all its staff by drafting a code of conduct for personal data protection. The company complies with the current legislation for the Protection of Personal Data. Please read this Statement of Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as "the Statement") to learn more about the type of information we collect about you through this website and how we use said information.

CARASSO SA also collects personal data in the context of the provision of professional services (see below for more information).

As part of this fundamental obligation, CARASSO SA is committed to protecting and appropriately using personal information (often referred to as "personal data" collected either online, through the professional services it provides, or through communication/cooperation with each third party.

In general, our purpose is to only collect personal data that are provided voluntarily by the internet visitors so that we can provide them with information and/or services or information about business opportunities or purchases in the context of a contract for the sale of goods.

Please read this Statement to learn more about how we collect, store, use, transmit and protect the information / personal data we receive.

  • 1. Collection and use of Personal Data
    • 1.1 Automatic collection of personal data
      • 1.1.1 IP addresses
      • 1.1.2 Cookies
      • 1.1.3 Google Analytics
      • 1.1.4 Skroutz Analytics
      • 1.1.5 Web beacons
    • 1.2 Social networking applications and widgets
    • 1.3 Children
  • 2. Disclosure and transfer of Personal Data
  • 3. Options
  • 4. Access
  • 5. Data Security and Storage
  • 6. Links to other websites
  • 7. Provision of professional services
  • 8. Changes to this Statement
  • 9. Contact us
  • 10. The processing identity
  • 11. The right to delete

1. Collection and use of Personal Data

We receive your personal information if you choose to provide it - for example, by emailing or subscribing to certain services. In some cases, it is possible that you may have already given your Personal Data to our company.

If you choose to sign up or sign in to our website using a third-party unique registration service that verifies your identity and links to your sign-in information on social media (Facebook, Google) we collect any information or content you need to sign up for which you have given the social media provider permission to share with us, such as your name and email address. The collection of other information may depend on the privacy settings you have established with your social media provider, so please review the privacy statement or privacy policy of the relevant service.

By registering and/or submitting your personal data to our company, you also consent to the use of this data in accordance with this Statement. Your personal data is not used for any other purpose, unless we obtain your permission, or as required or permitted by law or professional standards. For example, if you subscribe to our website by creating an account and providing information about your preferences, we will use this information to personalize your user experience. When you sign up or log in using a unique third party registration service, we may identify you as the same user regardless of the use of different devices and personalize your user experience on any other agnotis websites you visit. If you send us your CV in order to apply for a job at CARASSO SA online, we will use the information you provide to see if you meet the existing job opportunities of our company.

In some cases where you sign up for certain services, we may temporarily save your email address until we receive confirmation of the information you provided via email (by sending an email to the address you provided as part of your registration where you can confirm the registration request and give your consent for the collection and processing of the data that you sent to us for the specific purpose that has been communicated to you).

Our company generally collects only personal data that is necessary in order to satisfy your requests in accordance with the basic principle of restricting the processing of the new Regulation 2016/679 EU. Where additional, optional information is sought, you will be informed regarding the time and purpose for the collection of the additional information.

Our company collects "sensitive" personal data only when such individuals provide us with such data voluntarily or when such data is required or their collection is permitted by law. Please do not provide sensitive data to our company, unless required for the purpose of providing personal data and do not provide sensitive data to our company under any circumstances, unless you hereby consent to the use of this data by our company for its lawful professional purposes and if you consent to the transmission and storage of this data to and from our company databases.

1.1 Automatic collection of Personal Data

In some cases, the company and its service providers use cookies, web beacons and other technologies to automatically collect certain types of data when you visit us online, as well as through the emails we may exchange. The collection of this data allows us to personalize your online experience, to improve the efficiency, usability and effectiveness of the company's online presence and to evaluate the effectiveness of the promotional activities (marketing) of our services.

1.1.1 IP addresses

An IP address is a number that is assigned to your computer each time you access the Internet. Allows computers and network servers to identify and communicate with each other. The IP addresses from which visitors appear to come may be logged for information technology and systems diagnostic purposes. This data can also be used aggregated to analyze site trends and performance.

1.1.2 Cookies - Read the cookies policy in detail.

Cookies may be placed on your computer or device with internet connection, every time you visit us on the internet. This allows the website to remember your computer or device and serves multiple purposes.

On some of our websites, a banner will appear which will require your consent for the collection of cookies. If you do not give your consent, your computer or internet-enabled device will not be monitored for promotional services. A secondary type of cookies, referred to as "user-input" cookies, may be required to ensure the necessary functionality. These cookies will not be blocked by using this banner.

Your decision will be stored in a cookie and will be valid for a period of 90 days. If you wish to revoke your decision, you can do so by deleting your browser cookies.

Although most browsers automatically accept cookies, you can choose whether or not to accept cookies through your browser settings (an option that is often found in the Tools or Preferences menu of your browser). You can also delete cookies from your device at any time. However, you should be aware that if you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to fully realize some of the features of our website.

Additional information regarding the management of cookies can be found in the "Help" folder of your browser or through websites such as

The following is a list of the types of cookies we use on our websites.

Purpose Description Type and Duration
Performance (e.g. user browser) Our websites are configured using common internet platforms. These platforms have built-in cookies which help in compatibility issues (eg to determine the type of your browser) and in improving performance (e.g., faster loading of content). Browsing Time

Deleted when closing the browser
Security Cookies If you register to access a restricted area, our cookies make sure that your device is connected for the duration of your visit. You will need your username and password to access a restricted area. Browsing Time

Deleted when closing the browser
Website Preferences Our cookies may also record your website-related preferences (eg language) or seek to enhance your experience (e.g., by personalizing a greeting or content). This will apply to areas where you are specifically registered to access or create an account. Browsing Time

Deleted when closing the browser
Analysis We use various third party analytics tools to help us understand how our website is used by its visitors. This allows us to improve the quality and content of the website ……………. for our guests. Aggregate statistics cover topics such as total page views or visits, and referrals to our websites. For more details on our use of Google Analytics, see below. Long lasting, but deleted automatically after two years, if you no longer visit the site ………………
Website visitor comments We use an external partner research tool to ask a percentage of visitors to provide feedback. Cookies are used to prevent visitors from being invited multiple times. The first cookie (1) is placed if the visitor is not invited to participate in the survey, and is used to ensure that visitors are not invited after the first visit to the website. The second cookie (2) is placed if the visitor is invited to participate in the survey, and is used to ensure that the visitor will not be invited to participate again within a period of 90 days. Browsing Time

Deleted when closing the browser

Long lasting

Deleted automatically after 90 days or when the invitation to comment appears.
Share on social media We use third party social networking widgets or buttons to provide you with additional functions in order to share the content of our web pages through social media web pages and e-mail. Use of these widgets or buttons can install a cookie on your device to make their service easier to use, to ensure that your interaction appears on our web pages (e.g. updated social media metrics) ) and on the connection information of your activities all over the Internet and on our website. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of each provider before using any such service. For more details on using widgets and social media applications, see below. Long lasting, but deleted automatically after two years, if you no longer visit the site ………………

Other third-party tools and widgets may be used on our individual websites to provide additional functionality. Using these tools or widgets may install a cookie on your device to make their service easier to use, and to ensure that your activity is displayed correctly on our web pages.

Cookies by themselves do not disclose your email address or personally identify you in any other way. In our detailed reports, we may receive identification information including IP addresses, but only to determine the number of unique visitors to our websites and the geographical origin of the visitors, and not to identify individual visitors.

About cookies

Cookies are small text files that contain information stored in your computer's web browser while browsing the Agnotis website and can be removed at any time. The way to remove them is very simple and we indicate it to you on your behalf so that you can choose whether you want to keep cookies or not when browsing our website. Below you will find ways to remove them from your browser.

We use cookies for the best possible operation of the website, the correct browsing without technical problems, the connection and the movement of the pages as well as for the provision of advertising content based on your interests and needs. We also use cookies to analyze how visitors use our site, how they browse it or if they encounter a problem (technical or other) to correct it as well as to improve its structure and content and the graphical interface of

A necessary condition for the legality of the operation of all types of cookies used by our website is your consent with a positive action and specifically your selection with a separate tickbox for each type of cookies except those necessary for the operation of the website. Also, in the context of our website’s compliance with the New General Regulation of the European Union (2016/679EU) but also with the domestic law for the protection of personal data, our website and our company, provide you with the opportunity to choose, with your positive action for each of our actions and for each described purpose of data collection operations, all the possibilities for the categorization of cookies but also the free revocation of your consent at any time.

What information do we collect?

The cookies and the information collected are divided into the following categories:

Absolutely necessary

The absolutely necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our Website Without them your browsing is technically impossible, as they support the basic technical operation of the website. This particular category of cookies concerns only the technical part of the website and is not related to maintaining or sending and receiving profile category information from you.

This cookie type allows you to browse and use the functions of the e-Shop or My account in order to make online purchases of our products. Without these cookies, we can not offer effective operation of our website, nor can we technically support your online orders.

Our company and our website inform you that in the framework of our compliance with the New General Regulation of Personal Data Protection (2016/679 EU) also known as GDPR, we keep a record of activities as well as of your consent and selection, in the framework of the right to transparency and accountability of the new regulation.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how visitors use our website and our online store. For example, the information collected by performance cookies relates to which pages are most frequently visited by users and visitors, and whether error messages are generated from websites or subpages of the website or from the my account page when visitors and users order products it. This cookie category is used exclusively to improve the performance of the website, so that we can offer more effective quality in our online services. Our website uses the Hotjar service to continuously improve the user experience on it. You can opt out of the Hotjar service by clicking here.

Functionality cookies

This type of cookies allows our website to indicate your options without having to enter your identification details each time. In simple words, the website "remembers" your choices and reminds you of them, if you wish of course. Otherwise it is possible to deactivate these cookies so that you can enter the data required to complete an order from our online store. The information that this category of cookies reminds you of is for example the username you have stated, the choice of language you prefer for your browsing or the use of social media for your connection with direct functionality. This information as collected by the specific category of cookies ONLY concerns your browsing exclusively on our website and it is not possible to record the activity of your browsing on other websites.

There is, as mentioned above, the possibility to not accept this cookie type. However, in such a case, it is certain that the performance and functionality of our website will be affected and your access to specific content will inevitably be limited.

Targeting cookies

This category of cookies is used to provide content that best suits your interests. These cookies aim to send targeted advertising/promotions, to limit ad impressions or to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. They are usually placed to remember your visit on our website and every subpage of it. Our website uses the Google Analytics service primarily for statistical purposes and secondarily for marketing and advertising. Also, our website uses the service of Facebook and Criteo for the purpose of repetitive marketing.

However, you must be fully aware and that is why our company, complying with the new General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data, gives you the right to choose with your own positive action and asks for your consent specifically for this cookie type.

In addition, if you give your consent to this cookie type, by freely selecting the relevant tickbox, then you should be aware that our third party vendors, including Google, Facebook and Criteo may display our Company ads on websites on the Internet during your visit to them. If you do not give your consent and do not select the specific category of cookies then this option will not apply to you.

In addition, with these cookies, our third party vendors, including Google, Facebook and Criteo may use cookies to update, optimize and display ads based on the user's previous visit to the website.

That is, if you select the specific category of cookies then providing you have visited our website, these cookies can be used by google and third party vendors, in order to display advertising content and product offers of our company when you browse other websites. This practically means that may also use cookies from a previous visit to its website for repeat marketing, still with your explicit selection of this category of cookies and your consent to perform the actions described above.

Users can opt out of such use of cookies by Google, here

Users can choose to opt out of such use of cookies by Facebook, here

Users can choose to opt out of such use of cookies by Criteo, here

If you do not select the specific category of cookies, the following will apply:

  • Google will not link your browsing data from sites and applications that work with Google, including those that display ads from Google, to your Google Account
  • Google will not use your Google Account activity and information to personalize ads on Google-affiliated sites and applications
  • You will continue to see personalized ads on these sites and applications, but they will not be based on your Google Account activity and information

In addition, you will be able to set up your Browser, to inform you each time before the cookies are downloaded and let you decide to download or reject it, as well as to choose which site you want your browsing cookies to use for advertising purposes. In this case, keep in mind that it is very likely that you will not be able to take advantage of all the features of our website.

Should you give your consent to this type of cookies, may use the Google Analytics features for ads display (e.g., repeat marketing, Google Display Network display reports, Doubleclick Campaign Manager integration, and reports of demographics and interests).

An additional feature you have and of which we inform you in order to cultivate the transparency, confidentiality and security of your data is the use of Ad Settings, where visitors can opt out of Google Analytics for display ads and customize the Google Display Network ads. Here are the Google Analytics web available opt-out options. complies with the Google AdWords Interest-Based Advertising Policy and the restrictions on sensitive categories and:

Once you have given your consent, our website and our company will use repeat marketing with Google Analytics for online advertising, asking for your consent in any case. and third-party vendors, including Google, use both first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) to update, optimize, and display ads, according to previous visits of some users to their website. and third-party vendors, including Google, use both first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) to report how the ad impressions, other uses of the advertising services, and the interactions with these ad impressions and advertising services are related to visits to the website. may use data from Google interest-based advertising or shared third-party data (such as age, gender, and interests) with Google Analytics.

You can at any time change your personal preferences in all cookies categories by clicking HERE.

You can also completely delete cookies by following the instructions below, depending on the browser you use:

For the identity of the processor, the details of the controllers and performers of the processing, the purposes of the processing and any other possible information for the processing of the data according to the new General Regulation 2016/679 EU you can click HERE.

1.1.3 Google Analytics

Our company uses Google Analytics. More information about how our company uses Google Analytics can be found here:

In order to give website visitors more options on how their data is collected from Google Analytics, Google has developed the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. The add-on communicates with the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) to indicate that site visit information should not be sent to Google Analytics. The Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on does not prevent information from being sent to the site itself or to other web analytics services.

1.1.4 Skroutz Analytics

Our company, in order to be able to provide the best possible quality of services to the consumer, uses the Skroutz Analytics service. Through this service, anonymous usage statistics are disclosed to, while the data obtained through this service are covered by the privacy policy, which can be found at

1.1.5 Web beacons

A web beacon is a small image file on a web page that can be used to collect certain data from your computer, such as IP addresses, the time the web page content was viewed, the browser type, and the existence of cookies that were previously placed by the same network server. Our company uses web beacons only in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.

Our company or its service providers may use web beacons in order to identify the effectiveness of third party websites that provide us with recruitment services or advertising services or in order to collect aggregate visitor statistics and manage cookies.

You have the option to make deactivate some web beacons by discarding the relevant cookies. The web beacon will still be able to record an anonymous visit from your IP address but the information from the cookies will not be recorded.

1.2 Social networking applications and widgets

Our company websites may include functionality so that you can share through third party social networking applications, such as the Facebook Like button and the Twitter widget. These social networking applications may collect and use information about your use of the company's websites (see details on "Social Networking" cookies above). Any personal information you provide through such social networking applications may be collected and used by other members of that social networking application and such exchanges are governed by the privacy policies of the companies providing the application. We have no control over or liability for such companies or the use of your information by them.

In addition, the company's websites may host blogs, forums, crowd-sourcing and other applications or services (collectively referred to as "social media functions"). The purpose of social media functions is to facilitate the exchange of information and content. Any personal information you provide to any of the company's social media features may be disclosed to other users of that social media feature (unless otherwise stated at collection point) over which we may have limited or no control.

1.3 Children

The company understands the importance of protecting children's personal data, especially in an online environment. In particular, our sites are neither intentionally designed nor targeted at children under 13 years of age. It is our policy to never collect or knowingly collect data about any person under the age of 13.

2. Disclosure and transfer of Personal Data

We do not share personal data with third parties who are not affiliated with us, unless required to do so for our legitimate professional purposes and business needs, in order to respond to your requests and/or if required or permitted by law.

In some cases, the company may share your personal information with various external companies or service providers or vendors working on our behalf to respond to your requests after we have notified you in advance and obtained your consent.

Our company does not sell personal data to any third parties. Also, our company will not transfer the personal data you provide to any third parties.

3. Options

Generally, you are not required to submit personal information to our company online, but we may ask you to provide some personal information in order to receive additional information about our services and events. Our company may also ask your permission for certain uses of your personal data and you can either consent to or deny those uses. If you want specific services or communications, such as an electronic newsletter, you will be able to unsubscribe from the relevant recipient list at any time by following the instructions contained in each communication or directly from our website. If you decide to unsubscribe from a service or communication, we will try to delete your data as soon as possible, although we may need some time and/or information before we can process your request.

As mentioned above in the "Cookies" section, if you wish to avoid cookies being detected as you browse our websites, you can set your browser to reject all cookies or notify you when a cookie is sent. Please note, however, that some parts of our sites may not be able to function properly if you choose to opt out of cookies

4. Access

You have the right to request a copy of the personal data we hold about you (the term "Personal Data" as defined in the current Greek legislation for the protection of personal data), as well as to review and generally exercise any right provided by the legislation on the protection of personal data.

If you wish to submit a request or if you have any questions regarding all of the above, please contact us at [email protected]

5. Data Security and Integrity

The company implements reasonable technical and organizational security policies and procedures in order to protect personal data and information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction.

In addition, we strive to ensure that access to your personal data is restricted to those who need to be aware of it. People who have access to the data are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of this data.

Please note that the transmission of information over the internet is not completely secure. Although we make every effort to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of the data transmitted on our website. After receiving your information we will implement strict security procedures and functions to try to prevent unauthorized access.

We make every reasonable effort to keep the personal data we collect from you only for the period for which we need this data for the purpose for which it was collected or until its deletion is requested (if this occurs earlier), unless we continue storing them in compliance with the current legislation.

6. Links to other websites

The Company's websites may contain links to other websites, including websites maintained by other members of the Company and governed by other privacy statements, the content of which may differ from this Privacy Statement. Please review the privacy policy of each site you visit before submitting any personal information to it. Although we strive to provide links only to sites that share our high standards and respect for privacy, we are not responsible for the content, security or privacy practices of other sites.

7. Provision of professional services

Our customer relations are governed by the letters of cooperation and the general terms of transactions, including the use of the personal data we receive. Our company provides services of various types and its role may not always be clear to data subjects. However, the company complies with its obligations arising from the applicable Greek and European legislation for the protection of personal data and the applicable regulatory directives related to the management of personal data.

8. Changes to this Statement

Our company submits this Statement for frequent review and may modify or revise it periodically at our discretion. When we make any changes, we will record the date of modification or revision in the Statement. The updated Statement will be applicable for you and your data from that date on. We encourage you to periodically review this Statement to determine if there are any changes to the way we handle your personal data. This Statement was last updated in April 2018.

9. Contact us

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about the management or protection of your personal data by us or if you wish to modify your personal data or exercise any of your rights as a data subject, please contact us at [email protected]

For the Codes of Ethics that govern our online store, see here.

10. The processing identity

Purpose of the processing. The collected data can be transmitted and processed and used by our company or the company (abroad marketing)…. which performs processing on behalf of the above company in order to receive new, unique offers, updates, better service and amazing gifts and discounts but also in order to promote marketing, repeat marketing, personalized marketing and customer service.

Processing time - the files are destroyed ten years later.

Data Collected - Name, Surname, Shipping Address, Mobile Phone, E-mail

Compliance of our company with the basic principles of the New Regulation:

Principle of legality, objectivity and transparency, since we now ask for your consent for any kind of processing, after we have first explained to you the purpose of the processing, the person responsible and executing the processing and the duration of the processing.

Principle of the limited purpose and the minimization of the data, since we now ask only for the necessary data for the fulfillment of the purpose, which is limited and analyzed purposefully and specifically in relation to the past.

Principle of data accuracy and limited retention time, as we ask for double confirmation of the accuracy of your data and limit their retention to 10 years compared to the gross time of the past.

Principle of data integrity and confidentiality, since our company has provided unique technical and organizational measures to ensure data integrity and has delimited classification of its employee's access to personal data. At the same time it has all the advanced technical means of information protection.

Finally, we give you access to the exercise of all your rights in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 and specifically the

Right to be informed of your personal data provided at any time

Right of access, objection and correction to your data at any time and in any of our stores.

Right to withdraw your consent more easily than giving your consent, but also the right to restrict the processing of your personal data to specific information in relation to what you have already given.

Right to forget when your data is deleted after 10 years from their registration.

11. The right to delete

You have the right to ask our company to delete your personal data, under certain conditions. We provide instant access to a form on our website, on your account page, where you can apply to delete your data by going to the "DATA DELETΙΟΝ" section.

We would appreciate using the form you will find in this section, to send us a message regarding both the reasons why you request the deletion of your data, and whether you would like something different than complete deletion. We will then contact you for confirmation as soon as possible.